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This is a small collection of utilities for the Z-machine.

Currently it includes an assembler and disassembler. These are not general purpose, but were written to aid in the development of Bocfel, a Z-machine interpreter. As such they might be useful to others interested in the Z-machine, but are likely of no use to most users.

The main reason the assembler was written was to test how Bocfel reacted to various Z-machine instructions (such as @throw) called outside of a routine. Although Inform supports inline assembly, it always creates a startup routine into which code is placed. This assembler is thus slightly more flexible in some areas than Inform, but is much more rigid in many other, useful areas.

The disassembler was written because txd can get confused by story files not created by Infocom or Inform. Thus I recommend using txd, falling back to this disassembler only when absolutely necessary.

A POSIX environment is required to build these utilities.

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